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We are specialist accountants who have assisted thousands throughout the UK.

With accountants based throughout the UK, we can offer competitive prices and quickly get costs to you in July 2024.

Behind every thriving business, there is an accountant. If you’re struggling with managing your finances and want to know how to grow your wealth, our accountants are here to help.

As chartered certified accountants based in the UK, we understand UK businesses and their specific needs. Read on to see our wide range of personal, corporate and business services!

We are a team of chartered accountants in the United Kingdom passionate about delivering sound financial advice, auditing accounts, and supplying accurate financial data.

Our services include financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance, and accounting systems and processes.

Why Choose Us?

We can help you wherever you go. We approach accountancy not just as accountants but as business advisors also.

Our services are tailored to your company, considering your needs to create a financial plan that will help you grow. If you’re interested in getting more out of your business and money, contact us today for a consultation!

What is a Chartered Accountant?

A chartered accountant is a professional accountant who has earned ‘chartered status.’ ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) reports that 30% of its chartered accountants work for an accountancy firm.

The rest work as sole traders, work for a multinational accounting firm or manage another company’s accounts. Our chartered accountants at Norfolk Accountants have a strong background in accounting and have years of expertise in the field.

They are also members of a reputable professional association, such as CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), bounding them to a strong ethical and professional code.

Types of Norfolk Chartered Accountants

We have different types of chartered accountants to cater to your specific needs.

Medical Accountants

Our services range from managing personal expenses, tax returns and pensions to larger-scale administration, partnerships and statistical analysis of your financial systems and accounts.

We place a particular emphasis on the critical financial management of GP practices. This means finding ways to develop the business in line with regulatory change and maximising profits without affecting the patients.

Contractor Accountants

Whether you have an established business that you want specialist assistance with or a recent start-up that you want to develop, we can help. Our clients have included tradespeople, developers, sub-contracting and general contractors.

We have experience in all types of contractor related tax matters – making sure you’re legally compliant but never paying a penny more than you should. Our services go from general legal and accounting obligations to managing long-term business and tax planning.

Forensic Accountants

We can offer litigation support by working with lawyers to provide data and calculations to support the case. Working towards decisive results, we can assist claimants and defendants in their claims or offer impartial advice.

Not only do we do research, but we can also attend mediations, arbitrations and civil court if necessary.

Personal Tax Accountants

Our expert tax advisors are the key to efficient wealth management. The ever-evolving world of tax legislation means that an experienced tax advisor is vital to ensure you are paying the correct amount and not losing any money.

Everything from VAT returns to taxation regulations is carefully scrutinised to create a sustainable financial plan for you. We work with individuals living abroad, foreign nationals in the UK, trustees and executors.

How Do Our Chartered Accountants Work?

Our chartered accountants operate in various settings, including public accounting firms, industry and commerce, and not-for-profit and government organisations. They work strategically, intending to increase profitability for their customer or company.

Norfolk Accounting Services

We offer various accounting services, including the following:

Auditing and Assurance Services

Our qualified team aid in legal auditing necessities whilst offering insight into your current bookkeeping systems. With years of experience on our team, we have formulated rigorous criteria and timetable that ensures everything is done with ease and in communication with your in-house accounting team.

Tax Advice

Tax is one of the biggest problems our clients struggle with when they reach out to us. Our tax advisors are readily available to help businesses figure out the correct amount of income tax to pay and organise the dreaded tax return.

VAT is a perplexing concept to manage correctly. With constant government regulation shifts, it is tough to keep up! We offer accounting services to help you through all the complex tax affairs.

We also have a specialist VAT service – assisting in everything from registering for it to completing vat returns correctly. The aim is to aid you with the knowledge and processes to avoid any future difficulty with HMRC.

Business Advice

Working with clients and businesses for years means we have an expansive knowledge of what makes a business work. It requires inscrutable systems and processes that work to improve your revenue. We can advise on maximising wealth with the best systems and creating a sustainable financial business plan.

By keeping up to date with all the latest news in finance, we understand the complexity of building a company in the UK today. We offer exceptional guidance to start-ups, guiding you in different areas than just bookkeeping.

Online Accounting

Our accountants can do specialist tasks or also assist in streamlining your in-house accounting services. After an audit of your financial processes, we can provide an online accounting package that helps daily economic activities.

Packed full of useful software such as QuickBooks and Xero, thorough bookkeeping has never been so easy.

We want to make sure businesses aren’t left behind with everything moving to digital. This means keeping up with the latest news of all financial regulations and providing your business with a wide array of digital software that keeps you up to date.

Corporate Finance

Growing as a corporation requires more than just a good cash flow; you need to acquire various financial sources to make those strategic developments. We are regulated to assist in investment business activities, finding new ways to help you thrive.

Our chartered accountants are experienced in using your data to create business plans and forecasts, which is helpful when making proposals to financial sources. Also, our network expands further than just East Anglia so that we can introduce you to potential new business partnerships.

Forensic Accountancy and Litigation Support

We can provide the necessary invaluable financial research to get decisive and fair conclusions to cases. Not only this, but we have many years of experience in presenting the complex data that results from our research in an informative and effective way.

Forensic accounting can involve processes and differs from each industry and situation. Generally, it involves specialist advice and research in areas such as:

Norfolk Accountants and Services Costs

Specialist services such as tax preparation/planning and business advising can cost between £125 and £150 per hour in the UK. The cost and fees depend on factors such as:

When you hire one of our chartered accountants and avail our services, we ensure that you get your money’s worth. Contact one of our experts today for a consultation and quote by clicking on the link below!

Benefits of Having Trustworthy Chartered Accountants

A firm of dedicated chartered accountants that you can trust is the key to exponential growth for you and your business. Here are some benefits of having trusty chartered accountants from Norfolk accountants:

We can advise on all financial areas that you may need, keeping you from suffering the wrath of HMRC and other consequences of non-compliance.

We want to help you develop and maximise your wealth using our deep knowledge of financial regulation and business.

Our accountants are proactive in helping your business, not just settling for doing the minimum.

We aim to form a lasting relationship with you and your business.


Here are some of the most popular questions about chartered accountants:

What is the difference between an accountant and a chartered accountant in the UK?

While there are no clear distinctions in the responsibilities of accountants and chartered accountants, the latter are usually more experienced, more professional, and have a broader knowledge and range of experience in their field of specialisation.

Our certified accountant can provide specialised accountancy services and business guidance in various vital fields.

Does the FCA regulate chartered accountants?

The ICAEW will cooperate with the FCA to the degree that it is reasonably necessary to evaluate the institute’s regulatory activities that fall under the FCA’s jurisdiction.

Are chartered accountants registered?

While there is no central register of accountants, credible accountants are usually members of a relevant professional association and have taken accountancy tests. Our chartered accountants belong to organisations such as the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Can chartered accountants certify documents in the UK?

The person certifying the documents must be a “good standing” individual. They should also be well-liked in the neighbourhood. As a result, you should consult with an expert, such as a chartered accountant.

Why do we need chartered accountants?

Whether you are a sole trader, a small partnership firm, or a salaried worker, you need a CA to file tax returns and manage business accounts and make the best financial decisions possible within the legal framework.


Norfolk Accountants is a licenced accounting firm that you can rely on. Our chartered accountants can assist you on all financial matters, preventing you from facing HMRC’s wrath and other penalties for non-compliance.

We can help you and your company achieve exponential development because we approach accounting as business advisors and accountants. Using our extensive knowledge of financial regulation and business, we can assist you in growing and maximising your wealth.

Our services are personalised to what you and your business needs, considering your specific requirements to develop a financial strategy that will help you expand.

We offer auditing and assurance services, tax and business advice, online accounting, corporate finance, forensic accountancy services, and litigation support. Contact us today for a consultation if you want to grow your business further and get more out of your money!

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